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21 month old not settling during night w akings without a bottle

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AnnaBanana25 Wed 09-Mar-16 19:37:08

My questions are essentially, does it sound like my ds is waking the to habit to have milk, and should I or can I wean him off it in a gentle way?..... let me give some background though.

I breastfed him until 10.5 months old and he then started to have bottles. He used to wake for feeds and would get them but then around 13 months stopped waking for them (wooohooo). For the last 3 months or so he has started again and nothing would settle him other than the milk. This has made us worry he now has developed this into a habit as he wakes every night around the same time.

Dh and I have had h"heated discussions " about sleep. I have wanted a gentle approach but at a breaking point we decided to do controlled crying. It helped sleep massively but now this started again dh has said we should do cc through it. I disagree as he could be waking for many reasons and I don't want to not respond in case he's in pain, thirsty etc.

So here we are. I think it probably is out of habit for the milk but don't want his needs to not be met.... but he screams bloody murder if I go in without a bottle. He also screams if I lower the ammount, he can tell. I keep worrying about a bottle mouth session I did in a course when he was tiny. Do I need to accept there will be some crying if I want to stop this milk? Or is it ok and normal and I'm not damaging his pearly whites???

I feel like I should know what to do and use that amazing mothering intuition but I don't bloody know so some ideas tips or advice would be great!

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