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Argh manic baby refusing afternoon nap.

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Nottalotta Mon 07-Mar-16 17:00:51

Me's been a while. Ds is now 7.5 months. I have been doing two naps a day when at home, taking him upstairs, curtains closed, mobile on and bf to sleep. I stay with him (or he wakes) just trying to get routine going. And it's worked. Some days I have woken him after 90 - 120 minutes (previously unheard of.) I don't actually wake him. I just get up and he wakes...... My idea was to get this established then start trying him in his cot.

The last few days though he has refused the afternoon nap. He fell asleep for seconds in the car Friday and I had to take him.out. He woke and cried on and off for 2 hours. Very unlike him. Saturday refused the nap. Yesterday had a busy day out and slept in the car on the way home. Today, woke at 7. Tried nap at 10. Slept at 10.55 to 12.25. Tried again at 4. Has bf, wriggled, pushed with feet, bounced around the bed. Chatted. He's in his cot now as my wrists couldn't cope with wrestling him any more. He's still bouncing and chatting.

I realise most people think 4 is late but he usually naps for 40 - 60 minutes around this time then bed at 7. Earlier just doesn't work.

How the feck to I get him to sleep?

Nottalotta Mon 07-Mar-16 17:17:38

Great. Cried. Nozzles for milk. Fell asleep. Ugh.

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