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Crying every evening

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GemmaElla6 Sat 05-Mar-16 21:24:28

Hi this is my first post so hopefully in the right place. I've got a 13 week old beautiful little girl my first baby she is a very happy little girl in the day drinking 5oz every 3 hours she doesn't nap much in the day she normally has two 40 min naps and will nap in car or pram if we're out. However in early evening she sets off crying Somtimes not managing to finish early evening bottle only thing that will settle her is pacing the living room snuggling her Somtimes she's crying Passing wind I've spoken to the hv they said to try comfort milk as sounds like colic so she is now on cow and gate comfort and infacol but she is still unsettled every evening. She goes asleep about 7pm downstairs in Moses basket with us I then dreamfeed at 10pm/11pm then she comes upstairs with us and she sleeps anything up to 6am/7am. Not sure if am doing somthing wrong to cause the upset of an evening or if this is normal? Or if she's overtired seemed to only start about 9ish weeks old we've been on the comfort milk for 9 days. Sorry for the long post xx

nicg85 Sat 05-Mar-16 21:39:57

I think she may be overtired.
IMO two 40 min naps isn't enough at that age.
My dd is 18 weeks and has about 5/6 40 min naps per day.

GemmaElla6 Sat 05-Mar-16 21:52:30

Hiya thanks for replying That's what I was thinking when I've been reading. I've tried to put her down to sleep but she Just doesn't seem to want to go asleep. Any tips on helping us get some more day sleeps? Xx

nicg85 Sun 06-Mar-16 07:21:04

Does she show signs of tired but won't go to sleep?
How do you usually put her to sleep?
Does she feed to sleep, rocked or go off on her own?
I would start to try and get her to sleep an hour after she's woken up. Even if she doesn't look tired.

My little girl is 18 weeks and likes to be rocked to sleep. When she's been awake about 1hr 20mins I feed her then rock her to sleep even if she's doesn't look tired. Sometimes she will fight going to sleep but eventually she will drop off if I persist.
If I didn't make her go to sleep she would probably be like your little one and only nap twice.

Good luck!

FifiFerusha Sun 06-Mar-16 14:03:33

Could be OT. So those daytime naps might need manipulating. I think the awake time for a 13 weeks old may be an hour to an hour and a half. It might be worth focusing on awake time and getting her to sleep anyway you can at these points in the day. I did this ( when it worked) and put him in a sling after a certain period of being awake. Once this settles she may have a better pattern in which you she has overcome OT a bit and then focus more and how and where you want her to sleep. Mine was on 4 to 5 naps a day at that point. It took over my life smile

Oh, and mine stopped the fussy evenings at about 13 or 14 weeks. I think it was due to OT and a build up of wind.

unimaginativename13 Sun 06-Mar-16 14:10:05

Are you saying she crys around 7 every night?

Is she draining her 5oz bottle? What sort of bedtime routine are you doing? Are you bathing to calm her down? Lights off , in her PJs? No eye contact?

My DS will do this when he knows it's more fun than going to bed, also sometimes that extra 1oz helps to settle.

unimaginativename13 Sun 06-Mar-16 14:10:51

Also I found a dummy helps just at this time of the day (he usually spits it out once asleep)

GemmaElla6 Sun 06-Mar-16 19:58:43

Hiya, I offer her 6oz but she never drinks more than 5oz except the dreamfeed when she drinks all 6oz. Bedtime routine is bath pj bottle then she normally starts mid way through the bottle or after then we walk the living room until she falls asleep on me then put her down she stays fast asleep. She does have a dummy but she won't take it when she gets upset sad just spits it right back out.
Today however the crys/screams came about 3:30pm woke up from nap as been trying to get her to nap more today smile one min was all smiles next thing so upset real tears and the cry is very high pitched at times like a scream so somthing is really upsetting her and tonight's she's had bedtime rountine and gone straight down after her bottle fast asleep no commotion as it happened earlier? Could it be colic? Accumulative build up of wind throughout the day? She's so pleasant it's such a shame to see her like this xx

unimaginativename13 Sun 06-Mar-16 20:26:39

Could it be constipation? I would be surprised if it was colic I thought after the first 12 weeks it was unlikely to have colic.

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