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To cosleep or not to cosleep?

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MusicMum18 Sat 05-Mar-16 10:26:50

Whenever I mention cosleeping to have, friends, family etc I get frowned at and told I'd be making a rod for my own back.

My Dd is 10 months old, and since 3 months old she's been in cot in her own room. The past 3 nights she's been waking, calling, which I've id noted but then crying, which I can't ignore. Last night I was in and out her room like a boomerang. It was taking 4-5 times to settle her each time. 1st settle was bf then asleep so put back in cot (she feeds to sleep every time) then settled then woke up 5 mins later crying again so brought back to our bed, offered boob, she had a nuzzle, fell asleep on me again, put back in cot, 5 mins later she cried again so brought her back in. And repeat.

At 5am I thought stuff this she can sleep with us in our bed. Which she did, and settled easily.

I think she wants to sleep with us. I don't have a problem with this I actually think it's nice that she wants comfort. And it's such a short time of her life, why not have her in with us for comfort?

My dh is concerned though, as he thinks that if we cosleep we are letting Dd call the shots rather than us as parents? I see what he means however, the way I am feeling today, if it helps us to get more sleep, then I don't care what we have to do!!

I see that there are a few threads about cosleeping today, so it seems like this is on a lot of mummies minds!

Any advice very welcome!

KittyandTeal Sat 05-Mar-16 10:31:10

I have no reply advice except to say I co slept with dd1 right from birth (she had birth injuries to her head and needed to sleep in her side)

It was a long haul. She never really settled for more than a few hours between feeds.

However, at just over 2 she went into her own bed, no fuss. I spent a week going in a reassuring her in the night, a few nights slept on the floor to reassure her.

Since that week she has slept in her own bed 8-7 every night with us rarely having to go in at all (the only times have been fireworks going off really!)

So cosleeping most definitely didn't make a rod for our backs if you look at the big picture/long run

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