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4 month sleep issues

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nicg85 Fri 04-Mar-16 10:15:37

My dd is 18 weeks.
Sleeps pretty well at night. Goes to sleep around 9pm and wakes at 8am with 1 feed in the night (bf).
She can't self settle - has to fall asleep on me and then be put in her crib.
When she goes to sleep at night she will fall asleep feeding but her naps during day she has to be rocked in my arms to fall asleep.
My issue is her naps through the day she will not be put down and has to sleep in my arms but will go down fine at night??
Sometimes she will go down to sleep on sofa for her morning nap but rest of her naps are on me.
How do I get her to stop napping on me?
Is her behaviour normal for her age?
Should I just go with the flow until she's older?

stellak9 Fri 04-Mar-16 20:34:03

This is more or less my son. I was reading recently that nighttime sleep and naps are controlled by different parts of the brain, that would explain the different behaviour. Maybe she will learn to settle to sleep. It happened the other day with my son, he fell asleep while playing with his toys, I couldn't believe it!
When she falls asleep for her nap, if you place her in her crib will she wake up?

nicg85 Fri 04-Mar-16 21:11:13

Thanks Stella.
I wish my LO would fall asleep playing with her toys!!

Will not sleep in crib for naps through day but will happily go on it at night.
She's only just recently started sleeping in her crib - she outgrew her Moses basket a couple of weeks ago.
When she was in mb I would bring it downstairs for her naps but can't bring crib down its too heavy.
So tried putting her in crib upstairs for naps but no luck.
Thinks she got used to napping in living room with me so now won't nap upstairs.

stellak9 Sat 05-Mar-16 09:46:59

Yes, maybe she got used to the noise downstairs and it's too quiet in her room. Some soothing music, white noise, light show projector?
My son has very recently progressed from taking all of his naps while being held to also being placed in his basket after he falls asleep in my arms.
It's a hit and miss, sometimes he cries and I pick him up sometimes he naps. I don't know if it could start a habit at that age (14 wks) but having no family to help, husband works looong hours, baby being high energy and difficult when settling to sleep, I couldn't take holding him for all his naps as well. He has short naps but I need these 30' as when he's awake I rarely have 5' for myself.
And he has fallen asleep while playing just a handful of times. Relaxing music and his feeding muslin apparently helped him. It socked me when it happened. You never know when they'll do something new.

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