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user1456783575 Fri 04-Mar-16 01:25:29

My baby is a week old and we are struggling to get him to settle at night in his Moses basket.
He will sleep in it during the daytime, but at night the minute he goes in there he wakes up.
Any advice would be grateful!

cocochanel21 Fri 04-Mar-16 01:54:32

Sorry not really any advice
Dd2 wouldn't settle in a Moses basket day or night
We ended up buying a Chicco next2me crib.
She also has a sleepyhead.

Cupcakegirl13 Fri 04-Mar-16 01:57:30

We used a gro swaddle and sleepyhead too. That helped my dd turn a corner in the being put down stakes. Stupidly expensive for what it is but the rave reviews sold it to me and it was the best £100 I've ever spent .

SoozeyHoozey Fri 04-Mar-16 02:30:42

No advice but I'm in an identical situation op! You're not alone!

80sMum Fri 04-Mar-16 02:38:16

Have you tried swaddling? Can be done with a cot sheet (cotton sheet, not a blanket as would be too hot).

Also, how about some white noise or brown noise playing quietly in the background? If you don't have any recordings you can play, try leaving a fan on, or a tuned out radio. Some babies find the silence of nighttime disturbing.

nicg85 Fri 04-Mar-16 07:31:04

Try letting baby fall asleep on you for about 15 mins until they are in a deep sleep then putting down.
Also swaddling before they fall asleep.
Try putting hot water bottle in basket and then take it out when you put baby down.

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