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4 month old - advice on routine (mainly sleep)

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charlottelouise992 Thu 03-Mar-16 19:52:50

Hello, I'm new here (I made my account a while ago but only just figured out how to create a thread lol)

I'd like some advice on my 4 month old little girls routine. This is a rough routine, times vary each day. Sometimes she sleeps until 9.30! Which means her going to bed later.

(By play I mean various things.. tummy time, sing/dance, read, chat, make silly noises etc. When later afternoon comes round we calm it down)

8.30 - wake up and feed (bottle)/play
9.30 - top and tail
10.00 nap for 30-50 mins
11.30 - feed then play
1.30 - nap for 30-50 mins
2.30 - feed/play
4.00- nap for 30-50 mins
5.30 - feed/play
6.30 - nap 30 mins
7.30 - bedtime routine (bath, story bottle)
Asleep for 8.30-9
She has a dummy which I usually need to put back in 3-5 times before she's in a deep enough sleep not to need it.

She usually sleeps until 6 (sometimes I have to get up several times to replace the dummy which I don't mind) Then at 6 she's half asleep fussing so I usually put her in bed with me because her dad gets up to go to work anyway. She will then sleep until 8.30 (And is such a morning baby)

I have a few questions.

-Should I wake her earlier (7am) so she's in a routine of going to bed earlier?

-If so, how do I wake her? I always feel so guilty, I once tried making noise doing things around the bedroom but she didn't wake!

-Is she having enough sleep during the day? I don't think I could possibly get her to nap any longer, she's always happy after her naps though. Although recently she's a nightmare to get to nap because she pulls her own dummy out! I've been having to hold it in until she falls asleep (not usually a long time)

-Is there any other advice that you could give based on the routine I've mentioned?

Thanks in advance smile
(And Ivy)

JuxtapositionRecords Thu 03-Mar-16 20:01:09

She sounds like a fab little sleeper! I definitely wouldn't wake at 7am, although you will have many people who believe in routine to believe 7am is the holy grail in starting the day so lots of different opinions. You could start maybe stretching her out a little between naps to see if she will merge them into 2 longer ones. But if she is happy don't change anything smile

charlottelouise992 Thu 03-Mar-16 22:06:00

Yeah, she has her moments some nights (Recently it's waking up at 3AM and smiling at me when I go to put her dummy back in! haha) But I think she's generally a good sleeper. The main reason I thought about waking her earlier is so I can have a bit of time to wind down before I go to bed myself. I find myself doing the bedtime routine, then sorting everything that needs doing and not having much time to relax. But I don't think I have it in me to wake her! haha. I might have to try it and see how it goes down..

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