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break this routine!

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Needabiscuit Wed 02-Mar-16 20:50:24

Any help and advice would be greatly receive,

So my 21 month old is a bit of a nightmare at bedtime, he only goes down if one of us is in the room, he can take anywhere between 15 mins and 1 1/2hr to go down!!

But my main issue at the moment is he always wakes up around 12-1am and demands to come into our bed we co-slept up until 4 months ago I have tried sitting in his room until he goes back down, and sometimes he will, up he'll wake up a hour later, and make his way to our bed of his accord, which by this point, I'm too tired to take him back to his own bed!!

I would really like to crack his waking up in the night, as I have another baby due in October

Needabiscuit Wed 02-Mar-16 20:51:41

He also moves a lot during sleep, ends up at the top of the bed, that kind of thing

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