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Looking for tried & tested sleep training methods / tips

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sophiaslullaby Wed 02-Mar-16 20:33:10

DS is 4 months, he goes to bed at 7pm, put down drowsy (if I can!). His sleep pattern has changed in last month so from one wake a night (that beauty lasted 2 weeks) and now wakes around 11pm, then 1am and often 3am before getting up at 7am. (4 month sleep regression I've been told).

Anyway, I want to look into sleep training but there's so much info, do & dont's on the web that I'm a bit lost as to where to begin. I wondered if anyone could give me the methods that they chose, why and how it worked.
-How old was for DC when you sleep-trained?
-How long did it take to 'sleep-train'? And what hours did you get them to sleep?

I've also feed DS to near-sleep as part of the bedtime routine so it's likely he's developed that as a sleep association. Aim will be to feed before bedtime routine and then just cuddle and read before bed. But he won't be happy!

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