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Sleepyhead grande - worth it? (And sleep regression... )

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SouthernComforter Tue 01-Mar-16 12:00:29

Anyone using or had experience of a sleepyhead grande? I've used the small one to co-sleep since my son was born but, at 4 months, he's pretty much outgrown it. We're wondering whether to buy the bigger one to help the transition to a cotbed (and for holidays etc). But should he have more freedom of movement now he's bigger, and will the sleepyhead restrict his movement? Could it now be contributing to his worsening sleep or is that likely to be the dreaded 4-month sleep regression?? Don't want to waste £150. And would like to go back to only one wake-up per night! Tia x

fluffikins Tue 01-Mar-16 14:46:38

I have the grande and it's fab but before getting it I put the deluxe in the cotbed for a few days and then put my dd in the cotbed without it. She just rolled onto her front and woke herself up and got her legs caught in the bars so I then added an air wrap to stop that and waited two weeks. During this two weeks we had multiple wake ups so eventually decided to get the grande.

So if I were you I'd try without first, give it a few weeks because it might work out for you.

Nan0second Tue 01-Mar-16 16:08:55

We Unclipped the bottom of the deluxe at that point and got another 4 months out of it (until she was 9.5kg!)
I would be surprised if baby has grown out of it. It is supposed to snuggle right round them.
We waited til 8 months and then just got rid of it (on a two week trial as mentioned above). She rolled and fell asleep on her front and within two nights seemed to forget she had ever had it!

CornishDoll82 Wed 02-Mar-16 20:00:57

I just moved my daughter out at 7.5 months so sure there's life in it yet - open the bottom

We moved her straight to cot bed expecting a few sleepless nights but she slept straight through!

She also started rolling a few days after which she previously barely did so maybe it is good for them to get some movement

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