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almost 5 month old sleep going to pot

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Poppytime Mon 29-Feb-16 14:01:15

I'm so tired sad DS is 5 months next week and sleep is slowly going to pot. He has generally been ok, past few months down between 7-8 (sometimes have to go in to resettle) and feeding about 12 and 3/4am. Suddenly he is waking every couple of hours then at 2-3 has suddenly been wide awake and being very loud in cot which escalates to crying after a while. I try to feed him (ebf) and sometimes works but increasingly not, doesn't seem that hungry more that he is just wide awake. He is in our room and I'm bloody knackered. Coupled with 2.5 yo DD waking for various reasons I reckon I'm averaging about 2-3 broken hours a night and I'm feeling quite ill during the day and tearful. Is this the wretched 4 month sleep regression everyone talks about come late? What can i do? I've forgotten everything from DD...I know there are no fixes anyone can give me, I guess I am just looking for reassurance, or even just 'I know how you feel'!!! confused

dinodiva Mon 29-Feb-16 14:06:30

I know how you feel!

DD is 5 months and slept through last weekend for the first time, and ever since then it has completely gone to pot. I've been cosleeping holding her hand for the last four nights because it's the only way she'll settle to sleep. She suddenly seems unable to get through a sleep cycle. So tired...

Poppytime Mon 29-Feb-16 14:37:17

Hey dino brewhave a large coffee!! But also wary of drinking too much coffee in case caffeine has an effect on DS - can't win!!!!! I am back to dreading the nights again, feeling rather woozy and wobbly today and sticking poor DD in front of CBeebies (and DS I guess!) this afternoon. DS has a cold as well which can't be helping matters. Feeling a bit depressed about everything which I am sure is the lack of sleep. Let's hope it improves for us soon!!

JuxtapositionRecords Mon 29-Feb-16 21:38:44

Is he napping well in the day? Saline drops are great for babies with colds

SouthernComforter Tue 01-Mar-16 13:52:42

Mine is 16 weeks today and has gone from a solid sleeper (dreamfeed about 10.30 then once sometime between 3 and 4am) to, well, three times last night. At 4am he didn't even seem tired, just cooed and gooed and looked around then gradually descended into bawling. Is this the famous sleep regression, I don't know? He's difficult to settle too. I also have a cot-escaping toddler and between them am slightly losing the will to live...

SouthernComforter Tue 01-Mar-16 14:03:34

Ps got toddler down for a nap and thought we might all sneak a sleep at the same time. Fed baby to sleep, put him down... and he's now waving and chewing his hands, cooing and gazing at me wide eyed. I sense a long afternoon ahead...

Poppytime Tue 01-Mar-16 14:40:29

Hi juxta - he is napping ok in the day, depends. Sometimes it's catnaps of 30 mins, today he has had a longer morning nap of 8.45 to 10.15, a catnap of 12-12.30 (doing a baby sensory class so roused him, felt bad but I'd just managed to get us there in time and he loves it usually), napping again now (been about 15 mins so far) and will probably have another catnap when we go to get DD from nursery later (walking with Pram).

Last night was better, I mean he still woke up every 2-2.5 hours and had a feed but he went back to sleep after, no late night wide awake I feel slightly better today but still tired.

How are you doing southern? DD capitulated to nap?!

Poppytime Tue 01-Mar-16 14:40:58

Sorry southern I mean DS!

SouthernComforter Tue 01-Mar-16 15:38:19

Both still sleeping! Going to get the toddler up now... the baby can have a bit longer. I dozed for about 30 mins. Sometimes just a bit of peace helps huh? X

Poppytime Tue 01-Mar-16 16:35:27

Oh great southern! Yes it certainly does. DS snoozing on me here at the moment. He has been snacking all day rather than big feeds so not hugely optimistic about tonight....lets see!

dinodiva Tue 01-Mar-16 19:34:09

I'm in my pjs already, feeding DD in the hope that she might decide to stay in her own bed tonight. She's had 2 really good naps today plus a couple of catnaps, I've given her some baby rice and she's got a worn nightie of mine to lie on. Fingers crossed!

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