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Sleep problems....but not DS's!

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Benjaminsmummy Mon 24-May-04 09:56:28

me with the problem - I'm not really looking for advice; just wondering if anyone else has the same or similar problem.

About 15-20 minutes after I fall asleep, I will often either:

(a) sit up in bed bolt upright
(b) scream
(c) half wake up and be really confused/petrified

I seem to have dreams where either Benjamin is in trouble, or I am turning into something else (last night's one was a dog) or that I don't exist anymore.

DH has to reassure me that I'm OK and it normally only happens once a night.....but I hate it!

I need to go to the doctor this week for more of the mini pill so was thinking about mentioning it, but I'm worried the doctor would just say that I have to cope with it.

Anyone else had this or is it just me?

bunnyrabbit Mon 24-May-04 10:59:26

Yeuch you poor thing.

How old is Benjamin? Is he your first?

DS is 8 1/2 months and I have very morbid dreams about things happening to him which wake me up and worry me enough to check the monitor for breathing etc....

Are you very stressed?


Benjaminsmummy Mon 24-May-04 12:13:00

Benjamin is 6 months old and is my first.

I'm not especially stressed; I'm trying to sort out going back to work which is a bit stressful but not too bad.

I go through phases of sleep problems like this - it's DH I feel really sorry for as I should imagine having a screaming wife next to you is rather alarming!

wellsie Mon 24-May-04 12:53:38

Yep, recognise this. Seem to go into a very deep sleep for what seems like hours and then wake up with such a start only to look at the clock and realise I've only been asleep for 10mins. Last night DH said I looked like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Can never remember what woke me but I normally have to ask DH if we've done the bottles for the next day, if DS is ok, etc,etc.

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