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2 month old irratic naps during the day.

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ccoleman90 Thu 25-Feb-16 17:27:57

I'm really lucky that my two month old sleeps from at least 10.30-7am most nights. When she wakes in the morning I give her another feed and she falls straight back to sleep, so I use that time to do some work (I'm self employed and work from home)

When she wakes up at about 9.30-10 I get her changed, we have a bit of playtime but she's usually ready for a feed straight away, and she always falls asleep feeding. She probably only naps for thirty minutes and wakes up, so I try to play with her more but she seems so tired she gets fussy very easily, so I feed her a bit more and she falls asleep again, but she rarely naps for even thirty minutes and I sleep to spend all day then in a circle of giving her tiny feeds, her falling asleep for twenty minutes, waking up and repeating after a bit of playtime.

Does anyone have any tips or advice on getting her to nap longer? Should I start trying to keep her awake during a feed and playing with her after she's fed? I feel like we hardly get to play properly because instead of having three 1-2 hour naps, she's having several tiny naps throughout the day.

stellak9 Thu 25-Feb-16 20:39:08

Not all babies nap for 1-2hrs. My 13 week old also naps for 30 minutes at a time. Preferably when held. Tried to extend naps with no success. Maybe this is their pattern.
Do you always have to nurse her to sleep? If I were you I would try to change that if possible, not because of bad habit but it's better to take a full feed. If she takes tiny feeds all the time she doesn't get any hindmilk which is thicker and more rich in calories. If her stomach is properly full she might sleep a bit longer.

bittapitta Sat 27-Feb-16 15:45:57

She's only 8 or so weeks ie newborn... Not sure she needs any time to play at all! Just chat, bouncy chair, nappy change, feed, that's all enough interaction. Unlikely to be a real routine for her yet, don't over think it.

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