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Any sleep training tips for my cot acrobat boy?

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FifiFerusha Mon 22-Feb-16 10:29:59


My DS is now seven months and could generally self settle most of the time I guess, despite blips here and there and illness etc. .

Now self settling seems to gone out of the window. He likes to roll and roll all around his cot and either cries when he is on his front or makes playful coos. It is like he isn't tired despite yawns during pre nap routine. Has any one got any tips on how to get him to stay still and settle? . .although probably impossible. I have resorted to rocking as it the only thing that will get hi m to sleep(he won't even feed to sleep, or in the pram, or in a sling).

I wondered if I wasn't catching him at the right point though. He now sleeps through the night( five days so far). From 6.45 ish until 6am, and then goes backs to sleep until 7 am after a feed(by rocking as he is still tired). I then feed at 9 and am hoping he will sleep at about 9.30 and it isn't working. He has just slept for five mins and I have had to get him up as he awoke ready to play. Most confused.

I also wondered if he liked sleeping on his tummy as when he awoke at 6am he was on his tummy and I didn't hear him roll in the night despite monitor on full volume?? Can babies actually self settle on there tummy without it being uncomfortable(sorry if this sounds like a silly question)

Anyway, sorry for long post and any advice much appreciated.


FifiFerusha Tue 23-Feb-16 09:31:52

Is it worth investing in these anti roll things or are they hazardous. Which are the best, although expense may be an issue. He has now started to roll in the night. Up twice last night as he rolled and he had just learned to sleep through, damn sad

Caterina99 Tue 23-Feb-16 20:58:45

At 7 months just let him roll. At the moment it is probably exciting for him, but the novelty will wear off. If he's sleeping through then he can clearly self settle himself. My DS just turned 8 months and I always put him down on his back but about 80% of the time he choses to sleep on his front. At first we were the same as you and the rolling was keeping him awake, or he was getting stuck. He only did that for about a week.

Also sitting, crawling and standing are exciting for them too. They like to practice their new skills at night and nap time so you also have that to look forward to!

FifiFerusha Tue 23-Feb-16 21:18:00

Thank you. I feel reassured then and will ride through it. We had a better day today though for some reason and settled for naps without rocking o r rolling ( really tried hard to make sure he was calm as can be before putting him down). He also did well at bedtime and again no rolling so maybe he is over it. .ha, until tomorrow. .thank you caterina, I do feel a lot better now smile

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