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9 month regression come early?

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Purpleboa Mon 22-Feb-16 04:01:14

So here I am again!

Anyone who knows my posts will know DD is a consistently bad sleeper. 8 months of rubbish sleep. But we were just about coping. Over the past week though, sleep has gone to hell. And I mean hell. She barely settles. Even in with me she cries and thrashes about. We're now downstairs because there's no point being upstairs, I've just had enough of trying to settle her.

I'm so angry. I'm scared I'm going to take it out on her. During the day I can be rational about it but at 4am during another sleepless night, I could scream and scream.

My question: could this be the 9 month regression come early? She's just started to crawl, and is teething. Plus she's been windy from weaning and finally starting to swallow some good.

I've bought the no tears gentle sleep solution book as I really don't want to do CIO. But I'm at my wits end! I know that my sanity which is already hanging by a fragile thread is going to snap if I have to take a few more nights of this.

I'm worried too about the effect on DD and her health. Surely it just can't be healthy for her not to sleep??

I feel like I've done everything wrong and this is all my fault.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Mon 22-Feb-16 04:36:12

I am not going to be of ANY help re sleep (sorry!) but couldn't read and run. This is not your fault and you are doing nothing wrong. It is shit when they don't sleep. One of mine didn't and it was awful. The next one slept like a dream and I did nothing differently.
Try no cry sleep solution etc or you could throw money at it and try a sleep consultant who can cone to the house but do not blame yourself flowers

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