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from co-sleeping to cot

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MamaDuckling Fri 19-Feb-16 20:48:59


DD has been co-sleeping with me while DH has been away setting up life for us abroad...

She is 8 weeks now and sleeps well in the bed with me. Usually we get a 4/5 hour stint every night at least.

However, we are joining DH next week and I need to think about getting her into a cot. Co sleeping isn't an option going forwards .

So, your tips please on how best to do this. She will have a cot in our room in the new house and DH has bought me a nice feeding chair too.

I'm not against feeding to sleep, for now at least, if that will help aid the transition. I can squeeze a sleepyhead in our luggage if need be, but tbh she hasn't really slept well in it since she was a few days old. She likes to sleep on her side. Goes off a treat flat in the buggy too.

Other points- she has reflux which I'm not treating medically. She's gaining weight fine and doesn't seem distressed. I think she must also have a touch of colic, she's extremely fussy between 8-11pm.

What would you wise people do??

I'm prepared for more night waking!

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