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Help! Hyper active 12 week old won't wind down to sleep!

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stellak9 Thu 18-Feb-16 20:24:24

My sweet 12 week old baby boy has challenged us with his sleeping habits from the beginning but now it's getting harder and harder when he has to sleep. Even as a newborn he napped very little during the day and he could be up for hours.

Now he naps only for 30' tops, he will never sleep on his own (maybe in stroller), I have to hold him standing and walking while he moves and moves, bites his fist and looks around with eyes wide open. He will yawn, rub his eyes but won't sleep. I cannot sit on the couch and wind him down, when I sit he starts crying, pushes me and kicks his legs. Even if he bf he will open his eyes as soon as he finishes, back in high energy mode. It's like he has some remaining energy inside him that he has to spend so that he'll sleep.

His napping is very unpredictable and that makes his bedtime even harder. Still the same moving like crazy in my arms, biting fist, rubing face on me but eyes wide open.
I know it looks like I'm missing his window of sleep but even if I start earlier will happily continue to stay awake until he reaches that frustrating point. Last couple of nights I had to place him down at his bouncer, let him cry for some minutes and then try again to make him sleep, it worked. Fyi he hates swaddling and white noise does nothing.

Has any other mum faced something like that? He drives me crazy, he exhausts me during the day, he cannot even stay calm when awake, like to cuddle him while I sit, but it's impossible as he gets upset and starts again with the pushing and kicking, and stops when I stand up and start walking.

HELP fellow mums-any advice is welcomed.

CocktailQueen Thu 18-Feb-16 20:25:49

Have you tried a sling for daytime naps? Does he nap in the car?

stellak9 Thu 18-Feb-16 20:40:34

I have a mei tai but he'll just stay inside and look around, so much fun! Plus he's a heavy baby, almost 7kg I cannot spend half of my day standing and walking even in a carrier.

Effiethemonster Thu 18-Feb-16 22:01:18

My dd is like this and I'm afraid the only thing that reliably gets her off to sleep is the sling- she won't even nap in the pram anymore! However she has started feeding to sleep now and again weirdly...stuff changes so quickly!
Oh does he have a dummy?
But yes the sling ALWAYS does the trick, we have a caboo close, she still fights it but within a few minutes she's asleep. We've also started being able to rock her to sleep whereas previously she would just wriggle, (she's 15 weeks tomorrow). I think 12 weeks is when they reach peak inquisitiveness! I do sympathise though, it's so exhausting trying to get them to sleep all the live long day!

stellak9 Fri 19-Feb-16 03:49:07

Not fond of dummies and a sling like caboo would drive him mad, too restricted! I didn't know that about 12 weeks and they do change the whole time. I hope it's just a phase..

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