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One step forward, two steps back. Fed up with sleep issues

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trebleclef101 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:51:58

Just seems to be one thing after another with my 6mo dd.

Have gone through the "doesn't know when night time is" newborn period, a couple of colds and the four month sleep regression so far.

Just as we think we are getting the hang of something, it all goes to shit again for no apparent reason.

A couple of weeks ago she suddenly started self settling and all was going ok, apart from waking every 2.5 - 3 hours over night (she was sleeping for 4-5 hours before the 4 month regression).

Then yesterday that stopped and the only thing getting her to sleep at the moment is rocking her in my arms then transferring to the cot.

DH has just got back from work and found me and baby both in tears after 1.5 hours of trying to get her to sleep.

Yesterday she went down at 21.15, but woke again at 22.00 and it was gone 1am when we finally got her back to sleep. Then she was up at 2am. And at 3am. And at 3.30. Not hungry, not hot, not cold, not needing changing, not needing burping. Just not staying asleep.

Feel like I'm failing, and dreading going back to work in 5 weeks if we're still having nights like last night.

Not really looking for advice, just need someone to hold my hand sad

MamaMittens Thu 18-Feb-16 20:21:53

Here to hold your hand! flowers

Hang in there, it gets better. She's just wanting her mama. She's only tiddly, but I appreciate your frustration. I had to abandon her cot because she senses when you're trying to lower her in and wakes up. Every. Single. Time. She slept on a mattress on the floor for a long time.

Do you use a sling/carrier? Worked a treat with both of mine. Takes a bit of practice to do the transfer but can be a life saver.

DD2 is nearly 2 and still waking several times a night. I think she has teeth coming at the moment but she always teethes for weeks before they appear - maybe something to think about with your lo?

trebleclef101 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:00:54

Thanks Mama

I try and take each day as it comes, because if I think about the fact that I haven't had more than 4 hours sleep in one go for 6 month, I want to cry!

It's mostly frustrating because we have had really good weeks, where she self settles at a reasonable time, and only wakes 2 or 3 times in the night, but then for no apparent reason it all goes wrong again.

It would almost be easier if it was consistently crap, at least then I'd know what to expect and not get my hopes up that sleep is finally improving.

DD is teething at the moment, her first two teeth have appeared over the last couple of weeks, which hasn't helped. We've been using dentinox gel, and calpol on a couple of really bad days.

Albanesque Thu 18-Feb-16 21:13:43

Your dd doesn't sound unlike mine. My dd has been a rubbish sleeper since birth althougg with some improvment. In January she woke more or less hourly, presently 2 hourly or 3 hourly is more common although to keep us on our toes she now is getting much harder to put down when she does get up.
.. I try to comfort myself by telling myself, dd is changing all the time, it must get better eventually, it might be tonight indeed it might be the next time I put her down....

Fingers crossed that things start getting better for you soon.

trebleclef101 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:43:14

Thanks Albanesque, we'll use the old MN favourite - This too shall pass!

trebleclef101 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:44:33

Doesn't help that when I bump into anyone I know, they always ask "Hows the baby, is she sleeping through the night yet?"

Why does everyone feel the need to ask that?!

Purpleboa Thu 18-Feb-16 22:40:28

Could have written every word of your post Treble! Almost 8 months of this. Beyond fed up.

Albanesque Fri 19-Feb-16 03:17:52

I suppose people want to be supportive ... how not to respond, "Through the night, not yet, at the moment we'd settle for her sleeping through the Eastenders omnibus!"

trebleclef101 Fri 19-Feb-16 14:46:45

Hi purple, I remember seeing you on the 4 month regression thread!

I know that other people have it worse and I should be thankful for the good days, but it's so hard when we have a bad day / week.

I love sleep, and I miss it!

Ah well, just had some cake and brew

Skiptonlass Fri 19-Feb-16 15:59:33

No advice per se (if I did I'd be a millionaire) but flowers ... Because I'm going through this too.

I know it's normal
I know it's all just a phase
I know it'll pass

But by god it's exhausting.

Anyway ...You're not failing. You're just absolutely fecking exhausted. Hang on in there.

(My little chap took six hours to settle last night. He then slept for two hours and was up on and off the rest of the night. I feel your pain.)

ohthegoats Fri 19-Feb-16 21:40:56

We're still doing one step forward, two back.. three steps forward, one back... two steps backwards, four forwards... etc etc cry...

She's 16 months, until last week I'd not slept more than 3 hours in one hit since she was born. Last week she randomly slept through from 10pm until 7am every night, then last night she was awake every hour. So you know. Scream.

I don't really have any words of wisdom, I just think some are sleepers, some are not, and eventually you'll sleep again. Ha.

trebleclef101 Fri 19-Feb-16 22:18:52

Thanks all, it makes me feel better just knowing I am not alone in having a completely inconsistent sleeper.

I think our main issue at the moment is teething, she has sprouted her first 3 teeth in the last 4 weeks.

flowers and wine for everyone going through sleep problems / teething!

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