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Please help me get my o back on track!

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gglndn Thu 18-Feb-16 12:35:44

From 5mo 7mo our lo was sleeping through (6.30 -5.30, with a dream feed at 10) and then we went to NZ for two months to see my family and he was up 3 times a night. We've been back a month and he is still up 3 times a night (although has slept through once or twice) and we are about at our wits end.

At 5mo we did 'gentle' sleep training - when we cried went in and patted him, no bottle, and picked him up if he was crying in an 'emotional' way. It worked a dream and he was sleeping through after two nights. The problem now is that he is mobile so when I go in he is often on all fours (in his grobag) or holding onto his cot bars. If we put him down not 100% asleep he just flips over in his sleepyhead. What do I do?! It doesn't feel like doing the patting will work as he will just flip over. Do I pick him up and put him down drowsy and if he flips over do that same again? I feel like we might need to get rid if the sleepyhead - all ideas and suggestions please!

gglndn Thu 18-Feb-16 12:40:06

Oh dear - for some reason my iphone posted this weirdly! My little one is 9mo.

Nan0second Fri 19-Feb-16 00:07:04

Why are you flipping him over? It's safe for them to sleep on their fronts when they get themselves in that position. The sleepyhead will get in the way though... I'd ditch it and do your gentle retraining or the "what worked for us" thread technique...

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