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Niceteeth Sun 14-Feb-16 00:51:57

Wondered if anyone had some advice about my 12 week old. He slept in my arms till about 4 weeks ago for all naps and co slept at night, again lying on my arm. I've been trying to get him to nap in his crib (a side sleeper) using the shush pat method. At first he took to it really well and was taking 2 hr naps, although at night after an initial 3/4 hour stretch he wouldn't go back in for any length of time by himself. But for the past 2 weeks although I manage to get him to fall asleep quite easily by shush patting, he has started waking after 45 minutes at most, this seems to be getting worse every day and now if I'm not there for the whole nap he would wake after 10 minutes at most. I can soothe him back to sleep in the crib with more shush patting but this is quite difficult. At night he wakes up every 1-2 hours, not necessarily to feed but he just can't seem to stay asleep for long periods without intense intervention! This means i spend the whole day helping him nap or waiting for his next nap. If he has a nap less than an hour and 10 mins or so he's very cranky. I'm at my wits end, can anyone suggest anything?

Niceteeth Sun 14-Feb-16 01:23:57


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