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Dropping daytime nap

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Joneseygirl77 Fri 12-Feb-16 19:57:18

We've had our first day of my 22mo DD not having a daytime nap. She's been fine all week averaged 1hour nap all week at nursery but had totally refused her nap at nursery today- they even took for a walk in he pushchair to get her off but nothing worked. She fell asleep on the 5min journey home though and woke in a foul mood. We then had lots of tears over minor things for any hour or so and then she perked up.

Do you think this a one off or is the end in sight? She never does more than an hour and a half and can manage on 30mins. Plus I am one of those mums that times her naps around car journeys at the weekend...

Tips on how to manage this going forwards would be appreciated!

Olbersparadox Fri 12-Feb-16 23:13:51

DD used to have 2 naps, we went down to 1. She would refuse to nap at nursery at times but I think the environment didn't allow her to. At home she napped daily for nearly 2 hours, then she would go to bed at 7.30 till 7.30 next morning.

She's now 4 and we let her nap during the day routinely.

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