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Best sling to buy for my 3 week DS

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edwfaith Wed 10-Feb-16 12:50:38

I want to buy a sling that will mean my DS is safe and secure whilst I get on with my day smile any recommendations?

fishcake84 Wed 10-Feb-16 12:54:39

I love my boba 4G. Had it since DS was 4 weeks old, he is now 1 and still loves it. I expect to still be using it until he is about 3. It is a great all rounder.

dinodiva Wed 10-Feb-16 13:56:38

Do you have a local sling library so you can try a few out? I had a boba wrap when DD was tiny and we've just moved onto an ergo 360 which I really like. I also quite liked the mei tai. I definitely recommend going to a library if you have one, I got great advice from mine.

BadgerFace Wed 10-Feb-16 14:02:41

Close Caboo is good for young ones (I am using with my 5 week old and have done since 2 weeks). Lots on eBay. It's like a stretchy wrap but with no tying do easy to use. Although you'll want to use something else once they get few months old.

Or a Connecta can be used from birth if the baby is 3.5kg or more and will last until they are 15 months or so. I love my Connecta and have been waiting for DD2 to grow into it!

Wardrobespierre Wed 10-Feb-16 14:07:17

Try some out if you can. My first lived in an ergo until she was 3. DS disliked it and preferred a wrap sling. Still goes in it for very long hikes and he's 4.

randomsabreuse Wed 10-Feb-16 14:15:23

Stretchies generally suit tinies best - my caboo got me started but eventually found the stretchy (bought as reserve for washing days post explosions) more secure. Wouldn't have liked stretchy without caboo first though. At just under 6m switched to a manduca due to various escape attempts as I like the cross over back in combination with the really structured waistbsnd

shiteforbrains Wed 10-Feb-16 14:24:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

manateeandcake Wed 10-Feb-16 14:28:01

Four month old DS has been practically living in the Close Caboo since he was a couple of weeks old.

GastonsPomPomWrath Wed 10-Feb-16 14:31:15

I've been using the close Caboo too and it's brilliant. I can't fault it. She's 4 months old and loves being in there.

Junosmum Wed 10-Feb-16 18:51:53

I bought a stretchy off amazon for £15 and it's fab. I went to a sling library to learn how to use it. I'll certainly be buying another sling once DS is too big for the stretchy (currently 5.5 weeks).

austengirl Thu 11-Feb-16 02:25:06

We got a Connecta and have been using since DS was about 2 weeks. Very easy for both DH and I to use, I love it. Do try to visit a sling library first if you can as it's really important to try before you buy.

icclemunchy Thu 11-Feb-16 02:46:39

Deff get to a sling library if you can.

I'm a peer supporter and help run our local one. The most popular options for teenies is a caboo/stretchy wrap or a ring sling but there's some buckle options with an infant insert depending on babies weight

ACatCalledFang Thu 11-Feb-16 12:46:34

Definitely get to a sling library! I had a CS and my back isn't what it was pre-baby; neither I.nor DS got on with our hand-me-down Baby Bjorn which nearly crippled me after 10 minutes.

Tried a Close Caboo from the sling library, which DS loved at 8 weeks or so; unfortunately my back didn't. But the sling library lady was very knowledgeable and sorted us out with a more structured Manduca, which we both love and we've now bought our own. A much cheaper way of finding the right sling!

edwfaith Fri 19-Feb-16 10:53:01

Thanks all mners who replied - ordered a NCT Close Caboo little DS (now 4 weeks) loves it - he is napping in it (and being adorable) as I type and I feel much more like a human being again now that I have use of my hands! smile

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