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Will sleep all goes t*ts up in different location?

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chloe31 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:28:39

Our 7.5 month old is finally going down for naps and sleeps in her cot awake and is (mostly) only grizzling for a while before she sleeps. A major achievement for us and we have made a big effort to be at home for naps and stick to routine for bedtime blah blah so she gets used to it all. This week we're going to stay at my parents' which will be the first time we've been away since we started putting her down awake. Will be able to stick to timings and routine etc and she has a nice cot to stay in in a cosy room, but I feel nervous in case the new location throws her! She is a sensitive one, bless her, and I'm a bit worried she's going to have trouble going down ... Obviously we have to leave the house some time and it's not like we're travelling across time zones - how have people found staying in new places with their little ones? Thanks x

starfish12 Mon 08-Feb-16 09:27:08

Surprisingly ok. Is there something that's part of her routine at home that you can take away with you? I always find music to be helpful as a bit of familiarity and if the room is dark enough they won't realise it's somewhere new? Good luck x

Caterina99 Mon 08-Feb-16 16:36:07

Probably depends on the baby unfortunately! We travelled with my DS at 5/6 months (we live abroad) and he usually went down fine in the various different travel cots. And that was with a time difference too.

I read to keep as much as possible familiar, so I had his same sleeping bag and dummy and introduced a comforter (Muslin blanket) several weeks beforehand so he had that too, and downloaded white noise app onto my phone. Kept routine as similar as possible. Also for the first few days I put him down for all sleeps, rather than letting my mum do it, just so it was as close to his normal as possible.

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