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Help 19mo sleep gone to pot!

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butterfly86 Sun 07-Feb-16 14:14:27

Dd is 19 months up until the last week she has self settled at bedtime and slept 7 til 7, but all of a sudden she's really unsettled, dh put her to bed 2 nights running as I wasnt in ( usually I put her to bed) she didn't settle well so he ended up in the cot with her-not sure if this has started it or it's coincidence but she screams if I try to leave the room at bedtime I have to stay and pat her until she's asleep, then she's waking around 4ish screaming mammy and I have to do the same thing then. Last night she woke every hour between 2 & 6 then was up for the day from 6.15 I'm shattered please tell me this is just a phase!

RDWRER Sun 07-Feb-16 20:59:42

Can't offer any help but we're in exactly the same situation. I've been reading up on it and apparently there's a sleep regression at 18 months (ish). Here's hoping it passes quickly for all of us!

CityDweller Sun 07-Feb-16 21:57:56

Happened to us at 19 months! Dd had slept through from 8.5 mo and then out of nowhere started night waking - it settled down again relatively quickly, if I remember.

butterfly86 Mon 08-Feb-16 07:52:37

I'm pleased it just sounds like a phase! Hope it settles quickly and for you too RDWRER I was tucked up in bed for 9.30 last night...makes me wonder how we ever coped when she was newborn and feeding every 2 hours at night!

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