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advice on getting my 9 week old to sleep

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Mayciedaisykeaton1 Sat 06-Feb-16 22:41:54

My little boys 9 weeks old, I've got 2 older girls who are 4 and 2.. I find it really hard to settle him specially at night time, he likes to sleep all day and literally party all night. I finally get him down at about 2-3 in the morning from keeping him awake since 4 in the afternoon after school run, sad I'm just looking for a bit of advice if anyone else has had the same problem?? I'm running on empty 3 hours sleep a night is a killer!!

FATEdestiny Sat 06-Feb-16 23:06:41

I think baby is over-tired. Keeping him awake in this newborn stage is actually having the opposite effect to the outcome you want.

Good sleep promotes better sleep. An over-tired baby will be really, really hard work to get to sleep and then will sleep fretfully so will wake up more easily. Whereas a just-tired baby will be much easier to get to sleep and will sleep more deeply and soundly.

In the first 3 months I wouldn't expect awake time between one daytime nap and the next to be more than an hour, probably more like 40-60 minutes at 9 weeks old. This might just be wake, feed, nappy check, quick cuddle and then straight back to sleep.

If you have a baby awake from 4pm until 2am with no sleep at all - that is a massive 10 hours awake. Baby must be so past being over-tired by that point. Then is clearly zonking from sheer exhaustion and it's messing all the rest of his sleep up.

What are you doing to get him to sleep? I favour dummy and bouncy chair when at home. Maybe swaddle, rock and into moses basket will work. Or pushchair/carseat for a sleep when on the school run.

If you have got to this extreme point of over-tiredness, initially you just need to focus on 'sleep, anywhere, anyhow'. Don't worry how or where it happens, baby just needs to get out of this over-tired cycle and start sleeping more regularly - however you can possibly make that happen.

Mayciedaisykeaton1 Sat 06-Feb-16 23:19:52

I thought about him being over tired so today I've just left him to sleep when ever and how ever he pleases, he has a dummy but also likes comfort on he's face I use blanket and remove when he is asleep. He loves to be cuddled. The only way to settle him when he does go down is with a bottle so I try bath at 6 and then a bottle. No joy he drops asleep then wide awake soon as I put him down. So he's back awake till when he would be due another bottle at 10.. Same again he drops asleep wakes up when I put him down. Then obviously he's due a bottle at around 2 o'clock so he's very wingy from 10-2 so he will have a bottle between half 1 and 2 then finally that settles him. He's contented then sleeps right the way through till 8 the next morning. I just don't understand how I'm guna get him to sleep earlier than 2-3 at night X

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