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Don't know where to start

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Pixiepops Fri 05-Feb-16 13:18:37

DD is 5.5 months. She refuses to sleep in her cot at all, though will at night go down there initially. Generally speaking I feed her to sleep at around 10pm, she then wakes after about half and hour or so, and I then rock/cuddle her until she sleeps. This is repeated over and again (approx 10 times over 2hrs last night), until I give up and put her into our bed. She then sleeps for around 3hrs, before waking for a feed. By the time she's settled back to sleep (again, in our bed) it's another hour. We both sleep then for about 4hrs.

I'd love her to go to sleep in her cot earlier and stay asleep, but don't know how unless I sacrifice my whole evenings and only then get to see DP at weekends. I'd also love her to nap in her cot, but again don't know how without abandoning DS for hours. At the moment she only naps in the pushchair or in the car.

DS who's 2 sleeps for about 12hrs a night (8.30-8.30), but no longer naps since DD was born, partly I think because he wakes late in the morning. If DS slept better, I'm sure I could reintroduce his afternoon nap.

DD is bed at the moment and is clingy, though I know she's only little. I hope that weaning onto solids and formula might help and am planning on doing both soon too.

If anyone has any words of wisdom, they'd be gratefully received .

FATEdestiny Fri 05-Feb-16 22:13:44

What about a dummy?

How much daytime sleep is she getting?

Have you tried removing one side off the cot and butting the 3-sided cot up to your bed?

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