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Is 13 weeks too young for sleep regression?

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MrsB0412 Thu 04-Feb-16 05:30:40

Is 13 weeks too young for sleep regression?

I really thought we were turning a corner with DD

At about 10 weeks she started dropping her 11/midnight ish feed and sleeping from around 8:30ish to around 2ish and over the course of 3 weeks this started getting longer gradually to 2:30 Then 3 then 3:30

She has 4 nights on the bounce of sleeping til 4am! Then it changed

The last 3 nights have steadily gotten worse waking at 2am the first night then 1am the next night then at midnight and 4am tonight so back to two night feeds!

I have to admit I've just noticed from my diary that the 4 nights of going to 4am were after her Injections so maybe that impacted that but still... We have gone backwards from the 3am ish position we were in

Any thoughts?
I've tried dream feeding at 11/12 before but it never worked for us

Could it be sleep regression?
Or growth spurt maybe?

I haven't changed anything other than her becoming more confident in the bedtime bath now and having a little splash about!


PhoenixRises Thu 04-Feb-16 06:43:07

Nope, DS did that about then too.

It's all linked to developmental spurts and changes in their lives - injections did DS too.

Just wait until the crawling/toddling stage! grin

FATEdestiny Thu 04-Feb-16 11:07:55

Babys sleep will completely change in the coming month or so. It matures and develops from fourth trimester passive sleeping to become active - where you and baby have to work to actively get to sleep, and also to stay asleep from one sleep cycle into the next.

Likewise massive calorie intake increase.

Always bear in mind that sleep development is not linear. It does not start at its worse and steadily get better. At actually starts not-too-bad for the first 3 months, gets worse, steadily gets better with various blips and changes along the way.

CityDweller Thu 04-Feb-16 17:02:15

What FATE said is spot on. With both mine their sleep went utterly crap at almost exactly 13 weeks. With DD it took until about 5.5 months to improve in any consistent way (sorry), DS is now about 16 weeks and already his daytime naps are much better but nights are still very much hit-and-miss - I feed him at least twice (usually around 11.30 and 4) but need to reinsert his dummy about a billion times during the night (not a massive issue as he's in a co-sleeper next to me, so I can pretty much do it in my sleep now).

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