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Is the last half an hour before bedtime slightly nuts...

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ohthegoats Tue 02-Feb-16 20:00:00

... irrespective of bedtime?

My 16 month old goes nuts for the last half an hour before bath time, usually calms down in the bath, then goes nuts again between bath and bed. I'm wondering whether she's overtired, or whether she'd just be tired and cranky at this time of day even if it was an hour or half an hour earlier?


She goes up to have a bath at 6.45 or 7, in bed 30 minutes or so later, she gets put in her cot awake and goes to sleep alone.

She's then awake 3+ times in the night, once for up to an hour, the others for 5 minutes or so, then wakes up at around 7.30am. After the long wake up she often comes into bed with me, since I can't be arsed to stand by the cot all night settling her.

My DD gets quite overexcited before bedtime too. Always has. She is a nightmare to get to sleep, but thankfully she usually sleeps though.

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