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Topsy34 Tue 02-Feb-16 17:47:42

I'm feeling a bit conflicted about the sleepyhead.

We got a sleepyhead after ds2 was born as I had read good reviews of them, true enough ds2 has slept soundly every night in it and seems very content.

I have since read SIDS info, it indicates that you shouldn't use pillows or bumpers within the crib. However, reading the sleepyhead website, it says 'most cots and cribs are not snug enough for newborns, slipping a sleepyhead in as an insert, the baby sleeps snug and sound.'

i have read that cot bumpers are dangerous and can see that, but is a sleepyhead dangerous? Ds doesn't move from the position i put him in as he is 11weeks, I obviously would stop using it should he start to move around.

Any opinions?

SouthernComforter Tue 02-Feb-16 19:35:44

No advice really. My 12wo has been in a sleepyhead (in our bed, my bed at the moment as DH is in spare room) for 10 weeks and it has been fab for us. Is the cot in your room? If your baby is not moving around yet and is close I would've thought it's ok. I'm dreading the cot transition a bit...

Topsy34 Tue 02-Feb-16 19:49:15

I wish i could have hin in bed with me but ds1 gets in sometimes and don't want to chance ds1 ending on top of ds2!

He is in a crib by me and i breastfeed, so both reduce the risk.

I thought second time round, i would be more relaxed....i am on a few bits, but this worries me!

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