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Toddler constantly getting out of bed

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Kraggle Sun 31-Jan-16 07:02:42

It's been going on 2 weeks now and we are at the end of our tether.

Dd is 2.10 and has been a brilliant sleeper until around 2 or 3 weeks ago. She has a night time cough that I will be taking her to the doctors for as I suspect it's asthma and the coughing seems to keep her awake and she has now got in to the habit of getting out of bed, walking into our bedroom and asking me to tuck her in.

This can happen every 10/15 minutes for up to 3 hours at a time.

This morning already between half 6 and 7 we have taken her back to bed about 20 times.

We have tried taking her back to bed silently, getting her to tuck herself in and even resorted to taking her cuddly toys of her. Nothing is working. None of us are getting enough sleep and we are done. We are tired and fed up of getting up to put her back to bed.

I thought of putting a stair gate up to her room but I know my dd and she would just stand at it rattling it, screaming and crying and stomping her feet and we have neighbours to consider so I can't let her do that.

Please help!

Kraggle Sun 31-Jan-16 07:04:29

Oh I meant to say we are treating the Cough with calpol, a spoon of honey before bed, Vicks in her feet with socks and a damp towel coated in olbas on her radiator to keep the room damp.

I think it's more now that she's got into the habit of getting out of bed.

FATEdestiny Sun 31-Jan-16 21:50:34

My suggestion would be rapid return - which is what you are doing. As soon as she gets up, turn around and straight back to bed.

Does she have a night light? I wouldn't take away toys because of the comfort they provide. Around this time was spot-on for my children becoming scared of the dark and having bad dreams and such.

Could she be cold?

Is she newly into a bed from a cot? This could be a security thing because some children take lots of comfort in the enclosed feeling a cot gives.

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