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How often does your 4mth old wake during night?

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Lules Sat 30-Jan-16 09:54:39

Just wondered what was typical really.

Last night mine went to sleep at 8pm. He woke up at 2 for food and then at 5.30 and 6.30 but went back to sleep very quickly with a dummy. I fed him again at 7 and moved him to our bed and he's still asleep now. That's fairly typical - I normally feed him once and put his dummy back in a couple times but the times vary. He generally wakes up about 6.30am but will then sleep til about 9 in our bed.

This is all manageable (although unbroken sleep would be nice!) and I don't want to introduce strict routines or anything but bit fed up with people telling me how amazingly their baby sleeps! And he used to go for longer without food so it's annoying it's got worse but guess that happens

crystalgall Sat 30-Jan-16 10:06:13

Um 8-2 is amazing and then again until 5.30? And then sleeps till 9 after a 7 pm

I think you're the one with a great baby!

Mine is 15 weeks and FF. Evening sleep is totally broken. Goes down at 7 and up several
Times until 10.30-11. Feed.
Then a feed at 2-3 and then a feed at 7ish and then up until nap a little while later.

In between feed times wakes a few times but can be resettled
With dummy so I'm lucky I guess.

I would be pretty happy with all
This if she just stayed asleep
In the evenings but it's a nightmare.

I think yours is doing fab!

Lules Sat 30-Jan-16 10:39:34

Thanks! I know my nephew who is the same age is up loads more but the local mums seem to keep saying how their babies sleep all night (of course they may just be very lucky or exaggerating). I'd started to worry that I wasn't worrying about it, which I know makes no sense

FATEdestiny Sat 30-Jan-16 11:33:14

Sounds normal in my experience. What you describe was how it was for my DC2 and DC4

DC3 was that dream-baby who went to bed at 7pm from 7 weeks old and didn't wake until 7am - so they do exist.

DC1 was the other end of the scale with multiple feeds and extended wake-ups most nights.

mummyoftwo83 Sat 30-Jan-16 11:41:18

Your little one sounds like they are doing great, my little girl is 15 weeks also, she settles after a bath but can be a bit restless until 10/11 then that will be her until roughly 6/7 ( sometimes earlier depending) she will normally fall asleep again with her dummy until 9ish too. My little boy was terrible, he never slept more than 2 hrs during the night and I was up constantly, I used to get so jealous of people telling me their baby slept thru from 8 weeks and there I was 10 month and still up regularly sad xx

SkiptonLass2 Sat 30-Jan-16 14:27:40

Varying hugely st the moment. He's teething and clearly in the four month sleep transition thingy.

Best nights : 8 hours ( one night in twenty)
Worst nights: wakes every 40 mins.
Average night: down by 7:30 ish, sleeps till 1am then wakes at 3,5,6:30 am ( and is up for the day.)

Cathster Sat 30-Jan-16 17:38:58

Your DS sounds like he's doing great Lules!

DD can occasionally give us a great sleep but not very often!

Usually - down between 6-7pm, wakes after 40 minutes then takes another hour to settle. Usually settled by 9pm. Wakes for dummy around 1am, 3am, 5am - depending on when her last feed was usually has a feed at either 3am or 5am.

Wakes for the day at around 7-8am.

Thursday night she was awake from 1:30am though and would not sleep at all apart from on us - teething grr!

crystalgall Sat 30-Jan-16 18:42:43

Cathster. Your DD sounds similar to ours. Also wakes after 40 odd min and then takes ages to settle again until about 9ish.
Why do you think that is?

She also has more
Feeds though and wake ups more

Igottastartthinkingbee Sat 30-Jan-16 18:45:49

Err well 8-2 sounds pretty amazing to me. DD and DS both woke several times a night at that age.

NewBallsPlease00 Mon 01-Feb-16 01:53:06

I'll trade you

CityDweller Mon 01-Feb-16 12:01:32

I don't think there is any typical/ normal. Every baby is different (and you sound like you're getting off pretty lightly).

DS (nearly 4mo) is getting increasingly worse - last couple of nights his longest stretch has been 3 hours with plenty of hourly wake ups to, think it was about 8 times last night. DD was similar at this age.

SpottedLorax Mon 01-Feb-16 12:53:52

Yours sounds great! I put him down st 7:30, he woke at 8, then 12, and was up all night. Refusing to nap today despite me bringing out every tool in the box (pram, feeding to sleep etc.

I'm so tired sad

Lules Mon 01-Feb-16 13:29:28

Thanks all - I assumed it would vary quite a lot. I can continue happily ignoring 'helpful' advice.

Also how do you link to a poster's name or do you just put it in bold?

CityDweller Mon 01-Feb-16 15:51:13

You just put it in bold by putting an asterisk at either end of the name like this name

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