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When do i introduce a bedtime routine and how?

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Junosmum Sat 30-Jan-16 06:17:06

Just that really. DS us 4weeks old. He sleeps on us down stairs and occasionally in his basket from around 8.30 then comes up to bed with us around 10.30.

He has a snuzpod but won't sleep in it, so co sleeps with us (well with me, I'm between baby and husband, baby is between me and snuzpod. He has to be touching me. It doesn't matter how asleep he is as soon as I moved him he wakes.

He hates being on his back so after advice from you lovely lot he now sleeps on his side. He will sleep for up to an hour in his odes basket. He'll sleep for up to 3hours if being held. Otherwise he wakes for feeds every 1.5 - 2hours (bf).

Help! I desperately want to get him in his own bed, I'm really not happy co sleeping, it's affecting my sleep and we go away in 8 weeks somewhere where co sleeping is not an option (unsafe bed/ room, no alternative).

FATEdestiny Sat 30-Jan-16 11:43:58

Do you have a full sized cot ready for when he's grown out of the snuzpod?

I am wondering if you could try a co-sleeper cot. This means removing one side off your cot and butting it up to the side of your bed.

The extra space in the cot (even better if a cotbed, which are bigger) means you can lean right into the cot. It becomes literally an extension of your bed.

Many a night in those early days I would wake up find myself with head, shoulders and chest in the cot wrapped around baby. But the benefit is that you can extract yourself back to your own space in your own bed more easily and with a bit of practice.

At 4 weeks old I a swaddle may help

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