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No Cry Sleep Solution support thread

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KatyBeau Sat 30-Jan-16 02:18:36

Is anyone else trying the No Cry Sleep Solution? (Elizabeth Pantley) I thought it would be good to have a current thread for anyone trying it to share experiences, questions, ideas, successes, frustrations.

I have done a sleep log. 4 month old who wakes every 1-2hrs and wants to feed to sleep or else screams and flails around. Not great at napping for long. Aiming to get down to 1-2 night feeds max. Good job she's cute. ;)

Frenchfancies Sat 06-Feb-16 08:06:25

Not heard of this, is it a book?

Frenchfancies Sat 06-Feb-16 08:06:54

And my. 4.5month old is exactly the same confusedconfusedconfused

Cathster Sat 06-Feb-16 08:14:35

Echoing Frenchfancies! I'd be interested in knowing about this as our nights are absolute torture right now with our 4 month old. Up every hour or more - was every half hour last night!! She won't settle unless we rock her to sleep or feed her, and I'm not willing to let her cry it out in her cot especially not that frequently!

Frenchfancies Sat 06-Feb-16 09:55:22

Same here cathster. Im so knackered, I can't even type or think properly to make a post that makes sense!

fluffikins Sat 06-Feb-16 16:40:43

Ooh can I join? 7 month old goes to bed very well but is up every 2 hours. At the mo I automatically feed her to sleep and she can be resettled without too much stress with a song but think I need to get her to drop some of these feeds (currently 10, 12, 2, 4 and we all get up at 6 to get Dh to work)

This week I'm going to attempt to drop the 10 one and just hold her. My only problem is that sometimes she doesn't really take a full feed before bed and not sure how I get her to do that unless after a few days of no 10 feed she just realises she needs to??

FATEdestiny Sat 06-Feb-16 16:58:13

Not heard of this, is it a book?

It is a book, yes. The No Cry Sleep Solution (NCSS) is a very, very gentle, kind method to help a parent who might be breastfeeding to sleep, maybe co-sleeping too to help the child slowly learn to sleep independently.

One of the central premises the book gets across is to set realistic expectations. That this will take a long, long time of gradual, slow, small changes. That baby may be breastfeeding to sleep and co-sleeping for a long time.

So it is not really "sleep training", it is a parenting ethos. It's not likely to be The Answer for the exhausted parent who needs baby sleeping well now. It will, however, be a great way for a Mum who is happy BF to sleep and always being the baby's source of comfort for as long as is needed, to slowly start encouraging a little more independence. At a pace that suits the child, not the parent.

One of the basic methods used in the NCSS is called the Pantly Pulloff (after the author). This involves starting with a baby who is breastfed to sleep and doing a gradual process of unlatching the sleeping child. Firstly unlatching when baby is fully asleep. Then over time unlatching BF baby sooner so that they start being cuddled to sleep, rather than breastfed to sleep.

The NCSS really is not for everyone and one of the main reasons it is not for everyone is because it is not a "way to get more sleep" in any immediate way. But it gives the BF co-sleeping Mum a plan to work towards, as long as she has the patience to not rush so that it creates no distress for baby. Understanding it will take many, many months so having realistic expectations is key to having the patience to take it slowly enough.

This is no quick fix. It isn't sleep training as such.

PS - the simplest No Cry Sleep Solution in my opinion would be the dummy grin

fluffikins Sat 06-Feb-16 18:15:28

I used it to stop rocking, I basically just rocked her a little less ferociously and for a little less time every day for weeks and now she's happy to just be held.

plonkie Sun 07-Feb-16 16:48:07

I'm very interested in this (thanks Fate for the in depth description! ). I have a 4 month old and he feeds to sleep pretty much 100% of the time. I really don't mind, in fact I love it, but feel I should be doing more to help him sleep independently. (And yes, ok, less night feeds would be good!)

Watching with interest!

fluffikins Sun 07-Feb-16 20:33:51

Started tonight with attempting to stop her needing to feed to sleep so I'm doing 1/ trying to just hold her and see if she falls back to sleep first before offering boobs and 2/ if she needs boob trying to make sure she comes off before she's out for the count.

She's woken up once since she went to bed and I've managed to hold her and then pop her in her cot blinking and then hold her arm with her music on and she seems to have gone to sleep. Now for the next million wake ups confused

plonkie Mon 08-Feb-16 11:21:41

How did it go fluffikins? My DS was farting all night and it really disturbs both our sleep! He squirms and grunts and thrashes about. It was almost every hour last night. He doesn't even fully wake up most of the time but I'm half in the crib, cuddling him and doing bicycle motions with his legs to get the trumps out! The only thing that seems to settle him is feeding, which probably is creating a vicious circle of trumps!

Suffice to say, I've ordered this book so we'll see!

fluffikins Mon 08-Feb-16 18:35:34

It went ok, managed to settle her I her crib after a feed the first time and then only feed her 3 times in the night and pulled her off before she fell right to sleep again. V tired today though!

plonkie Tue 09-Feb-16 07:38:08

I managed to settle mine once without feeding which I was really happy about at the time! I put a firm hand on his tummy with some stroking as well and a bit of shushing. That only worked tge once though and I fed him about 5 times.

Problem is I'm not sure at the time whether he's really hungry and needs feeding or not! I just don't know!

fluffikins Tue 09-Feb-16 09:07:28

Plonkie I'm having the exact same issue. She was up at 9 and was frantically rooting so fed her, then she was up at 11 so I thought she's only fed at 9 so I managed to get her off again without a feed, but then she woke every 30 mins until I fed her which suggests she was actually hungry. What do I do now?? Feed her or not but risk her waking every 20 mins in hunger???

plonkie Thu 11-Feb-16 15:11:36

Hm I really don't know! I've managed to settle mine a bit more without feeding the last few nights. And he's stayed asleep for a couple of hours longer so I guess he couldn't have been starving! But I've also felt like I'm torturing him (even thpugh he doesn't actually cry, he just kinda tosses and turns!).

I've noticed the last couple of days he's stopped feeding to sleep during the day too (not all the time but he used to feed to sleep for every single nap!). Related?

fluffikins Thu 11-Feb-16 17:43:06

That sounds like progress! I think I'll have another go but I want to do it on a day where she's fed very well during the day but I just can't seem to get that unless I'm at home with her all day, she is SO distracted. Even when she's at home she'll stop a feed to stare at the cat or something

BeakyAndBun Fri 12-Feb-16 16:29:56

Ah I need to jump on this thread; DS slept like a freaking champ until Christmas. He's now just under 5 months old and up ALL the time wanting to nurse back to sleep. Gets very windy. I kept hoping he would grow out of it but I am up all night feeding him. I feel so so ill because of it. We have the book but I wanted to spare DP the sleepless nights so thought I could keep breastfeeding and it would just sort itself out. Alas no!

fluffikins Fri 12-Feb-16 16:46:06

Sounds like classic 4 month sleep regression which we haven't recovered from really. The main advice I try to follow is feed more in the day but it's so difficult as Dd is very distracted.

BeakyAndBun Fri 12-Feb-16 16:54:28

Can a sleep regression last this long? It feels like 4 month regression, teething and just torture all rolled into one! I'm considering whether giving him some formula at night would work just so I can have a break but I feel like I have made it so far without it that I just want to hold on.

fluffikins Fri 12-Feb-16 17:13:26

Well fatedestiny has good posts about this. It's not a regression it's more like a change in sleep patterns so yes it can last a while before you or they work out how to not wake every hour or two hours.

I don't think formula helps, mine is breastfed and eats barely any solids (she's 8 months) but my friend baby who is formula fed and eating tons and who was born on the same day has exactly the same sleeping pattern

plonkie Fri 12-Feb-16 19:35:20

Beaky- yes my DS is so distracted as well. I've started taking him upstairs to our bedroom, drawing the curtains and playing a lullaby to help him concentrate. It does seem to work. Until one of the cats barges in, looking for a fuss!

Fluffikins I've realised how easy feeding to sleep has been during the day! I've been using the pram with white noise but it's taking much longer. Damn! Haha

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