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Has anyone bought ewan the dream sheep for a older baby?

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LongHairDontCare Fri 29-Jan-16 06:35:24

DD is 10 months. I need her sleeping in her cot, she will settle to sleep at bedtime but wakes crying until I bring her in with me.

See great reviews for ewan the sheep, but mostly for newborns so just wondered if anyone has had any success using it with a older baby?

Bonnylassie Fri 29-Jan-16 07:11:55

We bought it for our 18 month old and she loved it and it helped her sleep. She went through a period when she was 2.5 saying she was too big for ewan but her baby brother also used it so she decided it was babyish. After a few months she asked for him back and still falls asleep to him at 3.5. Worth its weight in gold.

LongHairDontCare Fri 29-Jan-16 07:17:01

Thanks! Didn't want to spend £30 on it for it to have to be used from a newborn

unimaginativename13 Fri 29-Jan-16 07:17:05

I'm not sure it even had the same effect on my 3 month old as a newborn.

I just use the classical music part which seems to calm him.

Not sure how long you can keep a baby next to womb noises for - at some point they need to realise they have been born!

We did use a white noise app previously and that works wonders

Pyjamaramadrama Fri 29-Jan-16 07:21:33

What time does she wake up long? My 7 months old is the same, goes to sleep fine but often wakes and won't resettle. I've kind of resigned myself to just thinking he needs a cuddle.

I think Ewan is white noise which I can't imagine being effective for older baby.

Does she have a dummy or another comforter?

LongHairDontCare Fri 29-Jan-16 07:30:51

Hmm.. It says it has 4 different noises suitable for babies and preschoolers, so I wouldn't use the womb noises as she is too old for that.

She has a dummy, that she loses 20 times a night, and isn't interested in teddies etc yet. She doesn't have a set time to wake, any time is good for her! I just don't want to Co sleep anymore, it's making my back hurt and not get a decent sleep anyway as I'm waking up to her fidgeting. Plus, selfishly, we are hoping for a night away when she is one and I can't leave her if she is Co sleeping or waking screaming!

Pyjamaramadrama Fri 29-Jan-16 07:49:10

Ah ok. Not selfish to want to go away you kind of think they'll be sleeping through by then don't you?

If Ewan works let me know I might get one!

LongHairDontCare Fri 29-Jan-16 07:51:33

Will do smile

Muskateersmummy Fri 29-Jan-16 07:59:39

Ewan worked for us for a very very long time! In fact at 3 she still likes him sometimes!

OreosOreosOreos Fri 29-Jan-16 08:08:08

We used Ewan from about 3 weeks old, but I think he really came into his own when I stopped feeding to sleep (maybe around 7 months?) - he became the sleep cue, and was great for night wakings - DS didn't want a feed, so quick cuddle, Ewan on and he usually resettled himself before the noise stopped.

He's 2.5 now and has recently decided that he doesn't want it on at bed, so we've graduated to a Gro Clock now, which he loves!

LongHairDontCare Fri 29-Jan-16 08:23:14

Ooh I can definitely recommend a gro clock, 3 year old ds loves his. Am wishing I got ewan from birth now, but never mind, might give him a try now anyway. Thanks for the replies

Ifiwasabadger Fri 29-Jan-16 08:43:52

There's a white noise app that you can buy for around 99p from the App Store. It plays the same sounds as Ewan for a fraction of the cost. My 2 year old still naps with it and goes to bed with it, highly recommend.

BumWad Fri 29-Jan-16 14:03:07

I'm glad you posted this I'm really tempted to get this for my 8 month old (6 months corrected). Used to be an amazing sleeper but was up at every hour last night. Seems to self settle but then doesn't stay asleep. Currently napping on my chest. He is just about growing out of his Snuzpod and the dream sheep seems like a good little sleep cue. If not it can go on eBay I suppose confused

unimaginativename13 Fri 29-Jan-16 16:55:27

You can't really put your phone in with the baby for the apps. I use my iPad for MN after bedtime!

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