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Getting 2yo to sleep in own bed - worth the battle?

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mrsvilliers Tue 26-Jan-16 18:26:37

DD, just turned two, has always slept with us. She goes to sleep easily and sleeps a good 11-12 hours overnight, if she wakes up, she gets herself back to sleep with a bit of a fumble of whatever skin (mine) is closest. DH is in bed too and we're all currently getting sleep. However I am starting to want my bed back and also more space to sleep in as I quite often get bad shoulder pain. Last time we tried this, admittedly a year ago, it did not end well so I'm not interested in doing any controlled crying, or indeed anything stressful. Should I do it? I kind of think she is a bit too young but I don't know if I am wimping out as she's my last? On the other hand, I'd really like my bed back!

Amy214 Tue 26-Jan-16 22:03:34

My little one is the same age she only went into her own room a few months ago, she got used to me being beside her to fall asleep so she never really fell asleep by herself, I tried controlled crying and gave up after the first night i felt so terrible so now im trying the disappearing chair, every night for the past week ive been reading her bedtime story further and further away from her its worked so far, i would recommend it! grin

Firstimemum3 Mon 01-Feb-16 21:56:16

Not got any advice, just wanted let you know I'm in same position as you. My boy doesn't self settle at all he'll wake up like you little one and find my hand or hair to play with and go back to sleep quickly. Xx

mrsvilliers Mon 01-Feb-16 22:02:41

Ah thanks both, lost the momentum as she got a cold! Thanks for the gradual retreat tip, I'm sure we'll try it soon!

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