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I can't keep doing this.

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imwithspud Tue 26-Jan-16 11:55:29

I know it's not as bad as some of the sleep issues in this section but any advice would be appreciated. DD1 and DD2 share a room. Have done since DD2 was 6months, she's now 8months. It's been mostly fine, I was worried about DD2 waking DD1 during night wakings or occasionally vice versa, but it was mostly fine. DD2 now sleeps through mostly.

The problem now is that they seem to wake at 5am every morning. It started when DD1 would wake and come into our room, I'd then put her back to bed and she'd go back to sleep. 5am always seems to be a time of light sleeping for little ones I've found so this would then result in DD2 waking up for the day, so then DD1 wouldn't be able to get back to sleep. And if it wasn't DD1 waking DD2 up it would be DD2 waking up at that time and then waking DD1 up! DD2 now wakes up at around 5am every morning and I cannot get her to sleep again, DD1 then wakes and she refuses to sleep too!

Both children end up very tired and grumpy, and I end up tired too. We have a gro-clock which worked wonders a few months before DD2 was born and DD1 was going through a stage of waking ridiculously early but she no longer takes note of it now despite us reminding her every night to 'stay in bed until the sun'. There's no spare room to move one of them into and we can't fit a cot in our bedroom so we can't move DD2 back in with us...

I'm in a rush typing this so sorry if it's not making much sense but has anyone been through this or similar? How did you get through it? Tips appreciated.

FATEdestiny Tue 26-Jan-16 14:57:41

I'm not sure how helpful I am being but if I was in your position I would remove the chest of drawers from my bedroom and rearrange it to squeeze in the cot.

Divide and conquer

Then put them back together once they are sleeping better individually.

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