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Rolling over!

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Kaz4755 Tue 26-Jan-16 08:44:20

My 6.5 month has discovered it is fun to roll over in her cot! Yesterday I couldn't get her to nap as she kept rolling from back to front and couldn't roll back, I spent 15 minutes going in and out and turning get back over before getting her back out again and giving in! What should I be doing? Help! Thank you!

GingerNutRiskIt Tue 26-Jan-16 10:29:32

Once they can roll over there's not a lot you can do. Mine always rolled to their tummy too. I think the advice is, if they're strong enough to roll over, they're strong enough to lift their head and not to worry about it. Just make sure you put her to sleep on her back and if you think she would stay asleep, maybe put her back onto her back after she's fallen asleep?

FATEdestiny Tue 26-Jan-16 15:16:37

I used to utilise a tightly tucked in blanket to 'pin down' baby through this state. It does pass though.

FATEdestiny Tue 26-Jan-16 15:17:22

stage, not state

DesertOrDessert Tue 26-Jan-16 15:32:39

Is she upset on her tummy? If not, just leave her, she's obviously strong enough to be on her front to sleep if she can roll there.

If she's upset, a blanket, or tucking the end of her sleeping bag in can help.

Encourage her to roll front to back to. Mine did front to back first, so it might not take long if you put her on her tummy, and a favourite toy off to one side.

Kaz4755 Wed 27-Jan-16 06:25:43

Thank you for all of the advice! I will try and tightly tucked blanket and see what we can do! I find that I did try that but that I couldn't tuck it tightly enough as it was a large cellular blanket and it wouldn't pull tightly enough under the mattress. Could I use a cotton sheet or is that dangerous in case it goes over her face?

breezeharbour Wed 27-Jan-16 06:32:59

I just let DD sleep how she liked once she could roll. She loves to stretch out and sleep on her tummy and I'm fine with it because she put herself in that position, IYSWIM, so she can get herself out.
I think if I tried to force her into one position with a blanket she'd never sleep because she'd be battling to get out and get comfy!

Kaz4755 Wed 27-Jan-16 06:50:02

Yes I see what you mean, I am happy for her to sleep however but she kind of rolls on her tummy and then gets upset as i don't think she knows what to do! But I guess she will figure that out! Thank you!

FATEdestiny Wed 27-Jan-16 10:22:52

Could I use a cotton sheet or is that dangerous in case it goes over her face?

The SIDS risk comes with loose bedding that could cover the face. Not tightly tucked in. Remember "Feet to Foot" guidelines.

I used to use a cot sheet the wrong way around. So instead of putting the sheet length ways along the cot, used it width ways across the cot instead. So put the long side of the sheet over baby and tucked all the way under the mattress.

Width-ways a cot sheet will wrap all the way around the mattress and then some, so oodles of extra material to tuck in so it cant be pulled loose.

This phase will pass. Once she is reliably rolling both ways then you can just let her get comfy wherever she wants. This is just a way to help through the phase of not being able to roll back freely.

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