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is this normal?

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24hourM0MMY Mon 25-Jan-16 23:44:46

11 week old has about 5-6 naps a day each lasting no more than 30 miniutes. She's awake 45min to 1 hour in between. I'm lising my mind as all i do all day is put baby to sleep or wander around the house holding her because she will not be put down to bat at toys on a playmat or do anything else. She hates the sling or the carrier. I need her to sleep longer. What am I doing wrong???
I should mention that her night sleep begins anywhere from 6-8 pm and she has gone 5-6 hours at times without waking. Am i just being greedy? She sleeps well-ish at night, so do I just forget that i might have a child who naps well too?

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