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Almost 3 year old wakes up all night

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lyssie29 Sun 24-Jan-16 06:56:48

Hi my daughter used to be a great sleeper. She'd go to bed and happily doze off with a hug and a kiss and her dummy and teddy bear. For the past few months however she wakes up crying and we don't know why. She shouts for me and I go in and tuck her in and leave the room she then keeps shouting me back for silly things like milk or to close the bedroom door and the hall light on then she shouts back for door to be open. I always say no for milk etc as she has water next to her bed. It's got to the point where she's getting overtired and unmanageable through the day as she also isn't having her nap anymore. What can I do? I don't want to ignore her because she is so stubborn she'd shout all night and wake the neighbours and her baby sister.

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