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Can I ask about cosleeping positions?

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Crochetfanatic Sat 23-Jan-16 23:33:34

I'm away from home and DD has been a nightmare sleeper. At 3am today I brought her into bed with me and dh for a cuddle to try and settle her. I managed to bf her lying down, and I had my arm underneath her (sort of under her neck like I was cradling her) and she was on her side, facing me as she was feeding. Somehow we fell asleep like this and I woke at 6am to find she was helping herself to some milk.

On one hand it's amazing we slept so well, on the other it terrifies me as I never thought Co sleeping was for me. I've read the advice re not drinking etc etc but I'm just a bit confused about positions. I'm aware how I slept with her was unsafe, so how do I do it safely? I've tried practising with me on my side and with my arm around over her head and her on her back but it just seems so uncomfortable. Is there any other way? Also, at 6am my side was hurting so I put her in the middle of the bed so I could change sides, but dh said he didn't think this was safe - is that correct?

eleanoralice1 Sat 23-Jan-16 23:49:46

James McKenna is pretty awesome at explaining co-sleeping

Do whatever you feel comfortable. I did a lot of research.

I think some people say men don't have the same intuitions as us when it comes to babies, so the may not notice them as much as us. But my partner is very aware when baby is in bed with us!
Sorry that's not super helpful in regards to your exact question, but may help you a little

MindfulBear Sun 24-Jan-16 09:24:33

I never intended to properly co sleep (we did have the arms reach co sleeping original cot attached to my side of the bed) but did on a part time basis from when LO was 3mo until 12mo. Was fantastic. DH swears we got more sleep than our non co sleeping parent friends. I think he is right.

UNICEF and la Leche league both produce guides on safe co sleeping. The NHS used to give them to new parents via your HV.

LO would start the night in the co sleeper cot and come in with us when he woke or needed a feed (could be as early as 8pm! Or as late as 1am)

As a result of my research LO slept between me and the co sleeper cot, with a towel stuffed down the gap so he wouldn't slip down. This also meant daddy could not roll onto him.

LO slept with his nose at about boob height, so well away from the pillow.

LO wore his usual nappy, vest and PJs but no sleeping bag.

I slept with a thin cardi on over my vest top

I got rid of the duvet until LO was about 9mo (when he could crawl and stand, as well as sit up unaided). Instead We used a super king sheet and super king blanket(s) on our king size bed. Was toasty warm but safer than a duvet.

I didn't drink more than a glass of something in the evenings, didn't smoke, was overweight but not grossly obese and generally we followed the unicef guidelines. LO was bf on demand way past 6mo.

I did everything to make it safe. I also read the james McKenna articles. Basically co sleeping safely is safe. Many of the stats people try to scare you with don't take into account that deaths caused by parent and baby sharing a sleep surface do not record whether that was a safe sleep surface or a sofa or with a drunk parent.

Follow your instincts and enjoy!!
We loved co sleeping. There is also evidence that sleeping in close proximity with dad really aids their bonding and I would say my 2 are closer than any other dad / child we know. LO is now nearly 4!!!

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