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Magic sleep trick doing the rounds online

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onesteptotheleftofme Fri 22-Jan-16 19:08:42

This looks too easy. Thoughts?

VikingVolva Fri 22-Jan-16 19:27:29

Of course it won't work.

Because if it did, everyone would have known about it for generations.

And they wouldn't need to be making an online post saying "let us know if it worked for you" if it actually worked.

Scarletforya Fri 22-Jan-16 19:32:55

That would work on me for sure!

tiredybear Fri 22-Jan-16 21:23:26

Yeah, would definitely work on me too, looked a lovely way to go to sleep!

I think most babies go to sleep fairly easily on mummy anyway. Would be interesting to see if baby stayed asleep when put down, now that WOULD be a magic trick! :-)

Minirocky Sun 24-Jan-16 08:55:03

My dd's sleep is so bad am willing to go it a go!

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