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2 year old won't sleep after nightmare

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ThisOneNoThatOne Fri 22-Jan-16 14:40:46

My 2 year old (3 in April) had a nightmare last night and now won't sleep in her cot.

I slept on the floor in her room last night, and she did go back to sleep eventually, but won't go in her cot today. She's so tired and really needs a nap!

My older Dd went through something similar when she was 3, and we had success with rewards for staying in her bed. I've tried this with my 2yo but she says she doesn't want it, she just says she's not getting in her bed. She normally sleeps in a grobag, so I tried the novelty of a duvet, which she seemed quite keen on- but still wouldn't get in her cot! The thing is she's the most stubborn child I've ever met, I can see this dragging on for weeks.

I don't want her in bed with us- she shares a room with her twin sister and she would want to come into our bed too and I thnk that'd me too much. I could sleep in their room again but I'm selfishly dreading the thought of going to bed at 6:30 with them for the foreseeable future.They are such hard work I really look forward to a bit of space from them! Plus I'd like to see my DH and I've loads lf chores to do!

I'd be grateful if anyone has any advice. Thank you!

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