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Help needed 6.5 mo sleep

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sleeponastick Thu 21-Jan-16 15:55:31

I really need some help getting DD to sleep independently. Can anyone offer any advice? Not keen on cc or cio.

DD 6.5mo ebf. Seems tired all the time, yawns and plays with her ears a lot. Yawns after naps.
I have always fed her to sleep not really thinking about what would happen down the line.
She won't take a bottle or dummy. (Still trying dummy)
She is usually asleep after awake time of two hours, but I have to help her get to sleep in the sling, bouncing, patting, shh-ing, white noise, usually boob. (Naps usually 25min-1 hour, she does 2 hours very occasionally).
She will sleep in the pushchair but only out for a walk not indoors. (Naps average 45 min)
She will sleep in the car but takes a long time to settle down and cries a lot.
She didn't like the bouncy chair once she got to about 3.5 mo so I stopped using it.
We have a sidecar cot.
With night time I feed her and rock her to sleep on my bed, takes an hour, there is some crying. She falls asleep on the bed then I put her in the cot. She wakes after about an hour and then we co sleep. I didn't want to co sleep but sort of fell into it because of bf and it means we actually sleep.

Any advice?! TIA

FATEdestiny Thu 21-Jan-16 18:16:54

Could you try settling her in the cot from awake?

There will be crying, but if there is already is then it's not significantly different. You stay doing all the reassurance, but from the position of you lying on your bed and her in the cot. So that when she drops to sleep, she does it in the cot.

You could try a firm hand on her chest/shoulder. Mine liked a tightly tucked in blanket to 'pin them down' in this stage of learning to crawl/stand/walk. Maybe pat or shush as needed. Always staying right there with her, not picking her up, just helping her to fall asleep in the cot.

I've not know a baby go to sleep silently without something to suck until much older. I have heard people describe the sounds babies make as various things but they usually don't say the baby cries to sleep, just grumbles. I am not sure how tolerable you would consider that?

sleeponastick Thu 21-Jan-16 18:58:32

Thanks for replying smile

I could tolerate grumbling... I think DD may scream though, would I pick her up then?

I've read a few books (baby whisperer, no cry sleep soloution, a Sarah ockwell one...) and I'm so confused about what to do!

Any tips on getting her to take the dummy?

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