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Dropsided cot recommendations

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monkey2014 Thu 21-Jan-16 09:24:37

Baby is getting too big for the sidecar cot we have got - the chicco one. We'd prefer to keep going as we are for now so needna cot with a side missing or where you can drop it out of the way. Which have you got?

We got an idea frame free from a friend but you can't take one side off without making it unstable because of the way the base attaches.

We haven't found one from looking online because in pictures it seems the drop side makes a little fence between you and the baby, and if we could cope with that he'd be going in his own bed grin I thought the point was to have no barrier in between? That's what I'm looking for anyway!

FATEdestiny Thu 21-Jan-16 13:10:58

I've had three cots and all of them were easy to take one side off.

My current cot is a John Lewis drop-side cotbed. Its second hand though, about 5 or 6 years from being new.

By drop side that just means one side can be lowered by about 30cm, not dropping all the way off. I just removed the entire side using an allen key (as I've always done) to leave a 3-sided cot while baby is young.

From the time baby is rolling and then sitting (4-6 months ish), I would have put the side back on anyway, just had it in the lowered position so the barriers between my bed and cot was low.

you can't take one side off without making it unstable because of the way the base attaches

I can only think you must have a base that attaches to the sides, rather than the ends? I've had two cotbeds and one cot and this wasn't the case, but maybe it is just the brand you have. I don't think it's unusual to find cots where the base attaches to the ends (not the sides), I think this is fairly standard. The joining bolts are usually in the ends not sides for decretive reasons.

Maybe look specifically for a cotbed? With a cotbed, because it can be changed between bed and cot, the cotsides are designed to be removed entirely, when in bed form.

Candycoco Thu 21-Jan-16 13:59:14

Drop sided cots can be very dangerous as baby can get trapped in the drop side and there have been many deaths from this.
If you google drop sided cot danger there are YouTube vids and articles explaining this.
Don't want to scare you but it's best you know the facts before you buy.

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