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Sleepyhead or poddle/toddle pod...views?

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Frenchfancies Mon 18-Jan-16 12:27:54

I've heard good things about both.... Difference being £50 in price, and also toddle pod website says its not suitable for unsupervised sleep.... But I know people who do sleep their babies in them and have gone from waking every 2hrs to now go 6hours.

I feel more inclined to go with sleepyhead just for reassurance on the sleep safety aspect but the toddle pods seem to hug them more which is what my 4 month boy likes.

Anyone any other experiences?

ohthegoats Mon 18-Jan-16 12:53:52

I had a sleepyhead from birth, it was ace - she slept the best she's ever slept from birth to 4 months, and I think it was down to the sleepyhead. When her sleep was really crap around 7 months we bought the bigger one too, that helped for awhile.

DangerMouth Mon 18-Jan-16 17:50:41

Sleepyhead user here too. Dd2 grew out of at around 3 months but l took the tubing out and use that in her cot (used towels originally to keep her still snug). She has been a good sleeper (and continues to be so touch wood!).

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