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Angelcare video monitor frustrations!!

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MrsB0412 Sun 17-Jan-16 04:31:59

Things I hate about this shi*ty angelcare monitor (please tell me if you know a solution!!)

1) the image on the video is poor at best - super grainy!
We purchased a separate video thing that connects to WiFi and you can view straight from app on your phone that is sooo much better at a fraction of the cost and it means hubby can watch her sleeping in cot away from house too (if on WiFi) which is genius for all the late working or working away dads!

2) the general set up is poor with the monitor having to be a meter from the cot and no wireless options

3) the video monitor has a ridiculously short battery life when off the charger limiting how "portable" it can be and requiring extension leads everywhere! For example to have it closer to my bed in the night I have to run extension lead as it would never last 3 ish hrs off the charger

4) it beeps continuously when sensor mat is on pause despite volume being off
So when doing night feed it either beeps and keeps hubby awake if I leave in our room or beeps in the room with me that I'm trying to keep quiet whilst feeding her!!

For how expensive it is.... It really is way behind in the modern day technology department!

BumWad Mon 18-Jan-16 03:15:29

Hi which one do you have? We've got the AC1110, don't use the sensor mat as baby still in room with us. Ours zooms in so you can probably get a better pic of baby?

What annoys me is the green light. DS stares at it when he's supposed to be asleep - very distracting!

BumWad Mon 18-Jan-16 03:15:49

Ooh can you tell me how you did the wifi thibg? Not sure ours is compatible

SkiptonLass2 Mon 18-Jan-16 08:40:03

Ours is fine.., we have the 1120 I think, video but no mat (we were told for healthy babies they're more hassle than they're worth.)

Battery lasts all evening if I don't have it on constant video play.

I'm happy with it. Was cheaper than a nest can with the discount I got on it.

MrsB0412 Tue 19-Jan-16 18:53:37

Yeah we have AC1110 too and I just think the pic is poor quality

We have bought another separate camera that connects to phone by WiFi not something the angelcare does
And pic on this is amazing

Maybe that's why battery is so poor cos it's video monitor

BumWad Tue 19-Jan-16 20:54:42

What kind of camera did you buy? What app is it?

MrsB0412 Tue 19-Jan-16 21:10:22

Keeko is the camera and the app is called P2P live and my husband has said you can access the image over your 3g or 4g Internet too so not just WiFi


MrsB0412 Tue 19-Jan-16 21:16:13

Hubby said just put WiFi baby camera into eBay or Google
There is loads of options
We paid about 60 quid

BumWad Wed 20-Jan-16 21:11:16


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