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9wo sleep pattern suddenly changed and I don't know what works now!

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SouthernComforter Thu 14-Jan-16 20:03:44

Last week I was feeling confident that I'd tuned into my baby's sleep pattern after realising that, rather than napping in my arms in the evening, he'd do a whole extra 4-hr cycle in the sleepyhead if I put him to bed. His day sleep was good and he was beginning to self settle with just a little grumble. Fast forward one week and I'm at a loss. The last few evenings have been spent with me and DH taking it in turns to eat while the other holds or walks a bellowing baby round the block. He won't or can't sleep at 7ish, he doesn't seem to want to be held or rocked and he is angry! His night cycles are shorter. He now catnaps at best in the bouncy chair. This morning he stayed stubbornly awake at home and conked out immediately when I took him out in the pram.

I know they change all the time and this could be a developmental leap. I don't mind an extra night feed. But how can I help him settle when he (and we) is obviously tired and frustrated? I'm really dispirited that I've suddenly become out of tune with him and can't work out how to help him sleep. Is it just a phase? Should we give up on trying to get him to sleep and bring him downstairs awake for the evening?

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