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3 year old waking early

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Cheesewithbread Wed 13-Jan-16 06:40:48

My 3 year old has started waking at 6 instead of 7. I think she's overtired. We've tried putting her to bed earlier at 7 instead of 7:30 but this makes no difference.

At the weekend she had an hr nap on the sofa which really helped and she slept well that night through to 7am the next morning. However trying to get her to nap at this age is really hard and we just has to hope it happens if she's watching a film on the sofa but I'd rather not have to reply on the tv or similarly drive around in the car.

Her nighttime sleep has also become disturbed at the same time with me and my DH popping in through out the night to give her a reassuring pat. She's shouting a lot in her sleep.

Just wondering if there's anything else I can try aside from getting her to nap if I can. Maybe an even earlier bedtime? Or something else that's worked in people's experience? Or ride it out???

She's just gone up to 15hrs at nursery so I know that's contributing to her tiredness. Thanks in advance.

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