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Possible growth spurt? Anyone had a similar issue?

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SnowWhite26 Tue 12-Jan-16 20:09:52

Hi. My baby is 3 months today. She normally has a bath about 6 is falls asleep about 6.30-7.We dream feedher then she generally sleeps anywhere between 4.30 and 6.These last couple of days in the day she has been want 3 hr feeds not her normal 4 hr feeds and taking about an oumce less than normal. Today she had about an hours nap this morn then fell asleep at 3. I got her up at 5 coz i wanted to feed her at her normal time and she was very dozy. She went straight back to sleep and even when given a bath was sleepy all the way through. She went to bed at 6 and is fast asleep. Could this be a growth spurt? I am dreading tonight but hope she will still sleep confused help! smile

Firstmum24 Tue 12-Jan-16 22:21:59

Im having a similar situation here too, my DD will be 3months on friday. She went through a very sort phase of sleeping from 11pm until 6pm (heavenly) but for the last month or so has been napping on and off between 6pm-9pm during which time when she is awake she gets a bath and bottle. Then another bottle around 11pm where she will settle until about 4am then up at 630am but will sleep for another hour or so after a small feed.
Recently however (last few nights) she has been feeding totally off schedule (sometimes every three hours sometimes two) and napping like there is no tomorrow, but short frequent naps and a half hour around 3pm if i'm lucky.

I think it is a growth spurt as she seems quite happy when she is awake.

What time do you do your dream feed at? I am very jealous your LO seems to have a great routine in place, Mine just won't sleep solidly before 9pm but it will come in time I am sure!


SnowWhite26 Wed 13-Jan-16 07:42:06

Hi. Thanks for your reply. So I cant really believe this but she slept through till 6.Had a dream feed at 10 took 7 oz and stirred twice for dummy. Odd thats almost 15 hrs sleep as she went at 3ish. She is like you said and very alert and happy this morning.The routine was odd coz till about 7 weeks she was wide awake every evening and had her last feed when we went to bed about 10 then a 2ish feed and sleep till 6 or 7. Then one day at about 7 weeks she just fell asleep at 7ish so we put her down and slowly started giving her a dream feed and now she sometimes goes till 6.Mostly its between 4.30 and 6 just depends. So i didnt really try it just kinda happened. My hv did suggest i try dropping 2 feed and have a dream feed. She says babies get into habits and it only takes a few days to break this. So maybe try a bath and wind down? We bath then story then bed x

Firstmum24 Thu 14-Jan-16 11:52:05

Thats great! you will probably feel like a new woman after a good sleep like that!
I have tried a dream feed the last two nights (encouraged by your experience) and it seems to be a success!
Routine is now nap from 6 or 7pm until 730ish where we will have nice quiet play and cuddles then a bath and jammies on. Then il take her through to our room where i will quietly feed her as much as she will take followed by a long winding and cuddle before putting her down about 830/9.
I have dream fed her around 11 the last two nights, the first night she slept until 8am (?!?!?) and last night she slept until 6! she stirred a couple of times but just for a dummy or a sshh+pat.
I am pleased with this but will have to give it time before we find out if it really is a new routine or just a fluke! I'm sure she will gradually move her bedtime back to 7pm so i will be doing the bath and bottle about 6 instead of 8! Daddy works late hours so i always dread him coming home for fear he wakes the baby, for a big guy he is light on his feet though!!!

Best of luck with your LO let me know how you progress, sounds like your LO is doing FAB!!

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