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Napping in cot

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Kaz4755 Tue 12-Jan-16 11:35:33


I was just wondering what other people do regarding day time naps. My dd is 6 months old and for the past 8 weeks has pretty much been going down for a morning nap about an hour and a half after she gets up (generally at 6am) and I put her in her cot. Sometimes she grumbles for a couple of minutes and then I go in and comfort her and put her dummy in and then she goes to sleep for about 45 minutes. The last week or so it has been harder to get her to stay in her cot. I am putting her down 1 and three quarter hours after she has waked as she appears tired but perhaps that is too soon? What do you think? Also I have been going in after 2 minutes,then three minutes and then 3.5 minutes but after that if she doesn't settle I hate it so much I pick her up and we go out for a walk to get her to sleep. I think I am giving her mixed messages. Has anyone got any thoughts? Thank you!

FATEdestiny Wed 13-Jan-16 14:00:41

When my DD was on short (45 minute) naps, she had about 1h20m awake time in between naps. It would be 1h45m from waking sometimes, but that would be the maximum and only occasionally.

Also, consider how much milk your baby is having. It is expected during the first few months of weaning that he amount of milk baby has at least stays the same, or increases. Solid food should be in addition to milk, not instead of. It coud be that baby is hungry.

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